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170312_Barnabas Baptisms_5771We had a fantastic time in the evening service, where we baptised four candidates with another student coming forward for a spontaneous baptism afterwards. Not only this but at the end of the service two students recommitted their lives to Jesus and have decided to be baptised on 4th June, our next baptism service, praise God! Part of the service was to hear testimony from the candidates about why they wanted to be baptised, and the difference Jesus has made to their lives. These are featured below:

“My path to Christ started when I went to church with my family as a child, and as I got more involved with the youth work I wanted to become a Christian. During school and Sixth Form I struggled as I was trying to separate my Christian life from “normal life” striving for success and popularity, yet I found trying to live like this wasn’t giving me life.
“I joined St Barnabas in 3rd year, and after being welcomed into the student community I found my identity again in Christ with boldness to witness to people. I have been challenged to live one life, rather than balancing many and am now fully confident in God’s love for me and not ashamed to show it”

Je170312_Barnabas Baptisms_6003remy Hogarth


I have tried to carry my burdens on my own and built my walls up higher but God has never let me go. He showed me that my walls were just glass and he could see right through them, he also showed me that I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my own. Most importantly He showed me that I am deserving of His love and its all through His mercy and grace, He loves me despite my flaws and He’s shown me how to love myself as well.

Tasha Bellamy

The testimony of how I came to know Jesus is rooted in finally understanding His Love. When I was younger I never thought I had anything to offer and if I did no one would want it. However, when I discovered how much Jesus loved me in spite of my insecurities and the mistakes of my past (that he died for me!), I knew that not only did I want to offer him my life in return but I also wanted to be able to share a declaration of that love, publicly. I grew up in a Christian home and although I was baptised as a child I never affirmed my baptism. St. Barnabas has been a home away from home and I am so proud to belong to this church who have welcomed me into the family of God”

Nina Grossfurthner

“The first time I heard God speak to me was during a sermon following a rugby match in 2015, it was a testimony about how someone had felt a void in their life that couldn’t be filled, until they met God, and then they felt that void disappear. This profoundly spoke to me and it was in that moment that I felt God reach out to me. Now I have a completely new perspective on life, God challenges me every day in my thoughts and actions and I often find myself praying for knowledge on how to deal with situations better. I am learning more and more, and appreciating all that God gives me, every single day in my new life as a Christian.”
Sophie Hunt

We are so excited about what God is doing, and it was a joy to celebrate with the baptism candidates all He has done in their lives. Please be praying for all five people who were baptised, and those who are going to be baptised in June!170312_Barnabas Baptisms_5946