Sundays –


During the 10:30am service in term time, there are children’s activities.

The service starts with the whole church together before the children start their own separate activity. The children start their time together with a fun and energetic time of challenges, worship and learning a memory verse.

There are also age-specific groups to enable the children to engage with a Bible story in appropriate and engaging ways. Drinks and snacks are provided in all the groups. There are currently six different children’s groups

Creche (0 – 18 months)
The Creche is a cosy, safe area with age-appropriate toys and music, and a lovely way of welcoming very small children into God’s family and sharing his love.

Discoverers (18 months – 3 years old)
A safe and interesting environment is provided for young children to play, meet their peers and be a part of God’s family. They will be read a bible story, participate in simple activities relating to the story and sing songs.

Quest (Pre- school and Reception)
Children come together to learn more about God and Jesus in fun accessible ways. There is a bible story, craft activities and singing.

Trailblazers (Year 1 – Year 2)
In Trailblazers we play games, listen to Bible stories, do craft activities and pray together. We have lots of fun getting to know God and each other better.

Catalyst (Year 3 -Year 4)
In Catalyst, we have lots of fun getting to know God and each other better. We listen to Bible stories and do activities to see how it can apply to our lives.

Ignite (Year 5 – Year 6)
In Ignite we continue to grow in our walk with God and each other.  We look at a Bible story and get a chance to dig deeper into our faith and the Bible.