Local Outreach

STBS loves to be involved with the local community.

Mill Road Fair
Every year, on the first Saturday of every December, Mill Road is host to the famous Mill Road Fair. Thousands of people from around the region come to get involved with everything that the road has to offer. Last year St Barnabas gave out 10000 mince pies to those at the fair. Why not get involved this year?

Ditchburn Place
Teams from St Barnabas serve a local sheltered housing complex called Ditchburn place.
Teams from St Barnabas have been invited to assist or facilitate various activities within Ditchburn:

  • The Monday Club – an afternoon social club which happens between 2 and 4pm.
  • The Christian Fellowship which meets on Tuesdays between 2.30 and 4pm weekly.
  • Bible Study group which meets on Thursday evenings between 6 and 7pm.


City Partners
St Barnabas partners with some fantastic organisations across the city.


Street Pastors

HOPE Cambridge