Followers of Jesus sharing the goodness of God with every student in Cambridge

At St Barnabas we LOVE students and are so excited that you are (or going to be) part of this fantastic city and crazy life as a student

There’s plenty going on at St Barnabas that we would love you to be part of:


At 7:00pm we have our Evening Service– an informal service of worship, teaching and ministry where we as students primarily hang out with regular pub trips afterwards

Sundays during Freshers

In September and October we have some specials things going on before and after the service including lunch’s ran by students in the morning and in the evening pub quizzes, fire pits and gig nights-if you’d like to be part of our community come along and meet the student team and the rest of the family- details can all be found on our Facebook page.

More information about our services can be found here.

Student Communities 

As well as on Sundays there are Student Barnabas Communities, communities that have a passion to connect with God, connect with each other and to connect Jesus with our friends and university. There are communities for both Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge, come a long on a Sunday to find out more!

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