Followers of Jesus sharing the goodness of God with every student in Cambridge

At St Barnabas, we LOVE students and are so excited that you are (or going to be) part of this fantastic city and the incredible experience that is student life!

Coming to Cambridge as a student for the first time?

We’d love to meet you! Come along on a Sunday when you arrive, or drop us an email ( to get in touch this Summer!

There’s plenty going on at St Barnabas that we would love you to be part of:


At 6pm we have the Evening Gathering. This is for anyone, but with a particular aim of gathering students and young adults, and a pattern of extended worship, teaching, and Holy Spirit ministry. Afterwards, there’s plenty of time to socialise, and usually a pub trip going on! Come a bit before 6pm for coffee!

Student Communities 

As well as on Sundays there are Student Barnabas Communities that meet during the week. These are communities led by students for students, that have a passion for connecting with Jesus and each other, and for sharing the goodness of God with everyone in our Unis.

We have Communities with a focus on both Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge, come along on a Sunday to find out more!

Student Stories

Below are some blogs and stories from students at St Barnabas about a few different aspects of student life – enjoy!







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