Summer Specials 2017

As part of our church’s rhythm, each year over the summer we head into a time of abiding, remaining in Jesus, which is based on the teaching in John 15. This year’s theme is ‘Rhythms: Simple ways of engaging with everyday life’.

No matter what stage of life we are in, we know that life can be busy with the fundamentals of work or family taking up much of our thinking space and time. Anything seen as “extra” feels like a burden and, if we are honest, “sharing the goodness of God with everyone” can sometimes feel like an extra. However, the Bible shows us simple rhythms that help deepen our personal walk with Jesus and equip us to share our life with others through patterns in our day to day that don’t add more, but allow us to live everyday intentionally for Jesus.

In this series we will be looking at 6 simple rhythms: Recreate, Story, Listen, Eat, Bless and Celebrate. These rhythms aim to unlock the possibility that sharing our lives with others doesn’t have to feel like an extra but it can be simple and incredibly life giving. We hope that they change our perspective on the everyday simple parts of life so that we can see that sharing God’s goodness becomes part of our normal regular activity rather than the extra thing that we try to squeeze into our already full schedules.

We will be exploring these rhythms in both the 9am and 10:30 services. The 9am will be a longer service with space for Bible study and the 10:30am will be a family celebration and will be interactive. Each week everyone will be given a small card informing us of the rhythm spoken about that morning with two questions to consider and take action in as we enter into the rest of the week helping us to establish these rhythms in our lives.

In between these services we will be serving pastries and refreshments as a chance for people attending different services to connect.

We would love for you to join us over the summer at one of our services, we look forward to seeing you!