FORM is a discipleship year helping you learn what it means to be a disciple and put it into practice. It will help you engage with what it means to be a missional disciple in whatever context you find yourself now and in the future.

A year of FORM is based around three foundational principles:

Information, Imitation and Innovation.



A FORM student spends one day a week engaging with challenging and inspiring teaching, some live, some via video link from leading practitioners around the country.

This, alongside regular time to reflect and discuss, is all with the aim of learning and putting into practice ways of being a disciple in every part of your life. There will also be three weekends away with Form students from around the country during the year.



As well as engaging with teaching, you will spend one day a week serving in a ministry area at St Barnabas which is in line with your heart and gifting as well as being fully involved in our Sunday gatherings. Our hope is that you grow as missional leaders as you get to input creatively into furthering mission to this city alongside your ministry leader.



During the year you will be encouraged to get a job in the city. This is partly to fund your expenses throughout the year, but more importantly this gives you a context outside of church to innovate as you put missional teaching and thinking into action. This is such an important part of the learning process.


The Essentials 

Who: Anyone aged 21- 30 who is willing to give a year to be formed by God.

Cost: £1350 including all teaching, training, weekends away, (housing not included).

Dates: September - June