St Barnabas is a growing charismatic evangelical Anglican church prominently placed in a cosmopolitan area close to the centre of Cambridge. We gather lots of people on Sundays across all ages and stages of life, with growing youth, student and young adult communities and lots of families too! St Barnabas is an outward looking church, with an emphasis on every member seeking to reach out to those around them.

The vision for St Barnabas church is that we aspire to be:

Followers of Jesus sharing the goodness of God with everyone.

Our prayer is that this wonderful city of Cambridge knows God’s goodness. To do this we believe, as the early church modelled, that every person is invited to step into following Jesus with the whole of their lives and learn how to share God’s goodness with those around them.

The primary way we seek to do this is through extended families that we call Barnabas Communities. These are communities of people gathered around a common vision to share God’s goodness with those around them. Barnabas Communities are great places to belong, grow, and share. Find out more

Each year we ask God what the particular focus is about within the vision: this year it is Share. Listen below:

We look forward to welcoming you on a Sunday to become a part of this vision to share God’s goodness with Cambridge and beyond!